Companies who conduct market research here know the information they receive is a critical building block to success for many national and global organizations. This includes those supporting notable Arkansas neighbor, Walmart (#1 in Fortune’s Global 500), who have relied on Consumer Logic’s recruiting and research expertise for over forty years.

“Our clients know Oklahoma is the perfect test market. Bottom line, if it doesn’t fly here it won’t fly in the rest of the country.”
--Dan Jarrett, President & Owner of Consumer Logic

Area residents stand out as an ideal proxy for Middle America not just because they live in the most central state of the nation, but also because they reflect the average of the average in terms of total American demographics (on parity for income, age, marital status, education, household composition, etc.).

While many tend to be more traditionally-minded in terms of work ethic, family and faith, Tulsa consumers reflect a variety of multifaceted profiles going well beyond dated stereotypes of the region.

All of these factors combine to create powerful consumer insights that easily generalize to U.S. mainstream markets, providing a robust baseline for strategic planning.