Participant Bill of Rights: We Value Your Feedback & Privacy

Consumer Logic Research maintains high standards of professional conduct in the collection and reporting of any information you provide in our market research studies:

  1. While you will be asked your opinion about different products, services, communications and other topics, we will NOT try to sell you something or ask you for money at any time. We conduct research, not sales.
  2. Your participation in our research is anonymous and confidential. We protect your information and NEVER sell or share personal contact information for any purpose.
  3. Your decision to participate, or stop participation, in any study will be respected at any time without question.
    1. NOTE: While you are encouraged to stop participating in a study if you feel uncomfortable at any time, full payment for participation is typically contingent on completion of the focus group, survey or interview signed up for.
  4. You will be informed in advance if a focus group or interview is going to be recorded and what the purpose of that recording will be.

Our Commitment to the Public

Market research is an important part of our society, encouraging people to express their views on products, services, social, political and health-related issues.

Maintaining participant confidentiality, accurately reporting opinions, and respecting your privacy, time, and right to decline are top priorities at Consumer Logic Research.

Very specific scientific procedures and processes are used to collect robust data with the least amount of intrusion. Researchers depend on accurate data to make the best possible decisions regarding issues and products/services that affect you, your household or community.