Participant Terms & Conditions

Consumer Logic’s Tell Us Your Opinion™ panel includes a diverse group of people sharing their thoughts and experiences to help organizations make critical decisions impacting our community, our country and the world.

In order to participate in our market research studies, you must:

  • Complete an initial questionnaire (~3 minutes) to join our panel, which includes information that helps us match you with a study that you might qualify for.
  • Be willing to talk to a Consumer Logic representative to answer a few more questions and verify the information you provided.

If you meet a study’s requirements:

  • You will receive all the information needed to decide if you want to participate, including how much you will be paid (or what gift you will receive), where the study is taking place (online, at a focus group facility, on the phone, etc.), how much time it will take, etc.
  • Please notify Consumer Logic as soon as possible if you signed up for a study but become unable to participate. This keeps you in good standing and still eligible for future studies.

A variety of people and perspectives must be included to help guide important decisions being made that not only effect everyday consumers but also our communities. This is why we can’t always include everyone who applies to participate in each study, but we will do our best to place you (if qualified) when possible.

WARNING: It is extremely important that you are 100% truthful when answering questions about yourself, habits, and/or opinions so that we can match you with the appropriate studies. Intentionally providing incorrect information in the Tell Us Your Opinion™ online portal or to Consumer Logic representatives may result in being banned from participation in future research.